Global Citizenship Conference

Each year, the Melton Foundation and one of our partner universities hosts a seven-to-ten day series of activities focused on Global Citizenship. This Conference convenes about 100 Melton Fellows, faculty from participating universities, and leading Global Citizenship advocates, practitioners, and experts for three primary purposes:

  • To build a global community around Global Citizenship in order to promote the concept and its practices;
  • To further the learning and leadership development of Melton Fellows as global citizens and advocates of global citizenship; and
  • To bring global citizenship to the “grassroots” level, by working on local aspects of global issues at the host university and surrounding local community.

We achieve these goals through training and workshops on global citizenship featuring outside experts and practitioners of Global Citizenship as well as through team building, homestays, and community outreach activities.

Global Citizenship Conference 2014, New Orleans, USA

Join us September 29 – October 6, 2014 at Dillard University, New Orleans for our 2014 Global Citizenship Conference, bringing together Melton Fellows, thought leaders, and global citizenship advocates to share ideas, learn skills, forge partnerships, and act on local and global issues. And please subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest on the upcoming conference.

Global Citizenship Conference 2013, Bangalore, India

From August 2-9, our 2013 Global Citizenship Conference was co-hosted by BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore, India. The theme of the conference was “Global Citizenship in Action” and we brought together over 100 global citizens from at least eight countries to work together, learn from each other and develop new ideas for action.

Through a week of workshops, skill trainings and open exchange forums, as well our new Springboard Sessions, Melton Fellows partnered to develop new projects to address some of the world's challenges - like climate change, conflict resolution, intercultural exchange, and more.

Fellows also learned new skills in fundraising, entrepreneurship, and storytelling, just to name a few. Even more exciting was the range of creative approaches that the Fellows found to address some of these issues - such as making protest songs for migration reform, videos to show the humanity of the "other" in conflict regions and to spark dialogue on cultural stereotypes, as well as helping to map the Amazon river as a way for indigenous people in Peru to protect their lands.

You can check out some of the ideas generated in What Global Citizens Want. None of this would have been possible without the partnership of the incredible speakers and workshop facilitators.

Check out the photographs, stories, and videos from the conference - all collected here under the #MFGCC2013 tag, and see more about the overall program here.

Global Citizenship Conference 2012, Jena, Germany

The first annual Global Citizenship Conference was co-hosted by Friedrich Schiller Universität in Jena, Germany from August 20 – 26, 2012. The goal of the conference was to explore and define the concept of Global Citizenship.

Through workshops on a variety of topics relating to Global Citizenship such as Multiple Identities, Ethics and Responsibility in a Global World, and more, the GCC provided real-life examples of global citizenship.

At the 2012 GCC, the Fellows also hosted the highly successful TEDx Jena Paradies which included talks and performances by experts from around the world, including:

Transition from Symposium to Global Citizen Conference

From 1991 to 2011 the Melton Foundation’s large annual event was its Symposium. Many of the successful learning and team-building features developed over 20 symposia have been carried over to the Global Citizenship Conference (GCC).

Symposia brought together Fellows, students, faculty, and experts from all over the world for a weeklong Symposium at one of the Melton Foundation’s five partner universities. Every Symposium had a specific theme related to challenging global issues such as: Identity (Temuco, 2011), the re-emergence of China – China Now! (Hangzhou, 2010), Innovations (Bangalore, 2009), and Climate Change (New Orleans, 2008). Learning activities before, during, and after the Symposium enabled the Fellows to collaborate successfully across cultures, as they developed global perspectives on today's issues.

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